Gretton Goal Keeping Summer Camp

DATES: Week 1: 7/13-7/16; Week 2: 7/27-7/30; Week 3: 8/3-8/6

Times: Fri's: 5:30-8 / Sat's & Sun's: 10-12:30 / Mon's: 5:30-8

Age Groups: Group 1 – U14 and up | Group 2 – U13 and below

Locations: La Plata, Prince Frederick, and Hollywood

Cost: Beginner group - $165 or $45 per day

            Intermediate/advanced group - $215 or $55 per day


*minimum of 4 participants per session required. Length of sessions to change, based on number of participants. Time frames subject to change with notice*



Pressure training environment with plyometrics and strength/agility exercises will cover the following: catching, handling, collapse diving, extension diving, tipping, punching, redirection, breakaways, crosses, set pieces, distribution, anticipation, and angle play. Younger age group will focus on more of a hands on approach to ensure proper skills and techniques. Older age group will involve more intense advanced level training. 

Please email for more information.